Green Pass mandatory

Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa

Dear Guest, the new provision of the Italian government requires the Green Pass. The pass will starts from th 6 August 2021to over 12 y.o., in “white area”, for access to: sport events, exhibitions, meetings, museums, theme and amusement parks, spas, bingo halls and casinos, theaters, cinema, concerts, public competitions, to sit at tables indoors in bars and restaurants (it will not be necessary to consume at the counter or even outdoors), in swimming pools,gyms,team sports,spas, Limited to indoor activities.

The possession of the green certification is not necessary to access the Resort, but it is necessary to access some additional indoor services and activities.

Our Resort is obliged to respect Green Pass legislation to the activities of the Roccafiore indoors as Breakfast & Restaurant area, Spa and gym.

Guests without a green pass or a valid negative result for the stay WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE INDOOOR SERVICES WHOSE ENTRANCE IS GOVERNED BY THE NEW GOVERNMENT PROVISION. In Italy, Foreign citizens are also subjected to Italian laws.

Thanks for your cooperation