Art & design

Art & design We want to allow our guests to experience the true beauty that lies in art. Over the years, the Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa has become a place where family passions, art and design have won out over all else. Hence, a path of modern patronage has been actuated, collecting works by variously established artists—often young and local—which have been scattered inside and outside the spaces of Roccafiore. As a result, the restaurant, the hotel, the spa, the common areas, and even the fields, the vineyards and the winery—all the spaces share the passion for art, within an area known as Art & Wine that connects the various environments of the Residence and enhances this union of art and wine. In this way, we sought to have the guest feel part of the creation of an artwork.
Last but not least, art gatherings are periodically organised, including within the spaces of the Winery containing a permanent exhibition called “Scrigni d’Autore”, being works by several artists who used the wooden crates that once stored wine bottles as a source of inspiration and as a medium with which to create special, three-dimensional works of art. As the creator of their work, each artist was free to interpret the crates to their liking. Thus, Scrigni d’Autore was born, as friend Bruno Ceccobelli came to call them. Many years have passed and a large number of artists continue to try their hand at this endeavour. We have collected many such crates over time, being precious due to containing a treasure made of friendship and beauty but also of mystery, seeing the wine box become the theatre of art in which each creation performs a miniature show for the enjoyment of all.