Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa

Immersed in nature The Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa, set in the green heart of Italy, is surrounded by a picture-postcard Italian landscape. With Roccafiore at the centre, the gentle outlines of the Monti Martani extend on one side and on the other, the medieval skyline of Todi silhouetted by romantic sunsets. The elongated plains are one of the constituent characteristics of this territory, ideal for enjoying scenic roads and ensuring that the both winds and one’s gaze are free to travel towards the horizon. The panorama surrounding Roccafiore is adorned with stretches of olive trees and vines in the vineyards that have been here since time immemorial. Further down are pomegranates, hazelnuts, lime trees, oaks and traditional wooded areas, all aimed at preserving the biodiversity typical of this territory.
Flowers are an essential feature of the Resort, with the name Roccafiore actually being taken from the wild rose garden that surrounds the walls of the manor house. An authentic fil rouge of Roccafiore Wine Resort & Spa is that guests are surrounded by flowers in all environments—fresh florae enrich the rooms and lounges each day, with the Spa being sprinkled with light petals to colour and differentiate the different areas. The garden, rather, is embellished with wonderful ornamental and aromatic plants. Caring for this splendour is entrusted to Francesca’s love. This floral touch is naturally also featured in the Roccafiore logo, consisting of three different stylised flowers in various hues—one for the Resort, one for the Winery and one for the Spa.