The project

When love for the countryside, the land and nature makes everything possible. Leonardo Baccarelli has always had strong ties to the hills of Todi, ties which he made even stronger when he bought several hectares of land in a small piece of paradise with breathtaking views of Todi. It was the piece of land on which Roccafiore would be built, where his first vineyards would be planted. Since then, together with his wife, Francesca, and his children, Ilaria and Luca, Leonardo has never lost his love for this land and, with passion, he developed this important hospitality project and began producing quality wines.
Today, the Baccarelli family continues to run the Roccafiore Country Chic Resort with love and over the years the residence has become a true symbol and trademark of a family tradition that continues with the same passion as in the past. At the same time the winemaking project has taken shape and been developed with the same dedication and passion: today the Roccafiore winery is an affirmed label on an international scale for its fine organic wines. Every part of the Baccarelli family business is managed with pride and in full respect for the extraordinary laws of nature. From the very beginning their approach was one of maintaining the natural balance of the terrain around their beloved Todi. The architecture of the Resort and the Winery blend seamlessly into the hills, all designed to follow the rhythms of nature. The conversion of the entire estate to organic agriculture and their respect for eco-sustainability complete the philosophy that has made Roccafiore a modern and responsible farming estate, where even energy is “zero kilometre.”