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Todi, a historic place always dedicated to viticulture.

Todi, a historic place always dedicated to viticulture.

Roccafiore, where vision and courage shape an idea of wine
A story of inspiration,
heart and passion
“Earth” is not mere soil, according to Leonardo Baccarelli it is the inspiration for a development with beauty as a fixed point, a tangible sign of respect for the community. Making wine the propulsive center of gravity of a noble countryside intended to shore up aesthetics with logic, in the belief that the goodness of the fruit can only come from the harmony of the place.
The landscape consists of a system of rolling hills largely covered with woods, the crops alternate vineyards, olive groves and arable land with a large number of stone buildings that testify to the centennial agricultural tradition of these lands: a hilly area with a unique landscape and uncontaminated, an agricultural setting of great history and charm.

In nature we trust.

The fifteen hectares of the vineyard are in a single body, entirely located around the Wine Resort: here we follow the dictates of organic and sustainable agriculture from the first day, we believe in an organic and rational approach, which merges with meticulous manual work so to bring to the cellar of always healthy and perfect grapes.

Wine Resort & Spa
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