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Sustainability, in Roccafiore, blends with identity.

Sustainability, in Roccafiore, blends with identity.

A sustainable soul, when the quality of the environment is a mission.

The quality of the environment, in Roccafiore, is considered a productive factor like many others: land, climate, grape variety, crop choices. That’s why Roccafiore was among the first wineries in Italy to adopt the choice of photovoltaics, with a system that, in addition to self-production, saves emissions of about 90,000 kg of CO2 per year.

A biodiversity reserve in the heart of Umbria, a few steps from Todi.


Roccafiore is a real biodiversity reserve in which different crops alternate. Ninety hectares are dedicated to vineyards, olive groves, arable land, legumes and cereals, orchards (hazelnut, cherry, orange, lemon, peach, apple and pomegranate trees) and the botanical garden with medicinal and aromatic plants. Within the estate there is also a small breeding of Cinta Senese pigs, rigorously reared in the wild and fed with waste from agricultural production. Everything is done according to the dictates of organic and sustainable agriculture, with the aim of defending the natural wealth of the area.

Starting from 2016, the company has carried out an important remodeling of the landscape, in the spirit of a naturalistic engineering oriented towards the respect and enhancement of biodiversity. The reforestation project makes it possible to reduce and compensate for the co2 emissions associated with company activity, just think that a tree absorbs on average about 10-20 kg of co2 each year. With these operations, the company undertakes to support the disposal of large quantities of carbon dioxide, naturally absorbed by chlorophyll photosynthesis. Precisely for this reason, planting and preserving forests from deforestation is one of the simplest and cheapest methods to combat climate change. Roccafiore’s “green” soul materializes in a natural approach in order to produce more and more in harmony with the environment; the intent is to transfer a company and an area still full of natural and human resources to the new generations.

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