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The Wine Chalet

The Wine Chalet

Your home in the vineyard.

Designed to allow you to experience authentic contact with nature!

It is a wooden chalet nestled in an oak forest and surrounded by vineyards, where privacy is therefore truly guaranteed.
An essential style that mixes traditional, natural elements and attention to details. In its 60 square meters it contains all the services and amenities to fully enjoy a relaxing holiday in the unspoiled Umbrian nature. The Wine Chalet allows you to enjoy the many activities offered by the Resort and the Winery, ranging from Spa services to food and wine experiences.

The Wine Chalet can be the ideal place to find yourself!

Contemporary landscape

The landscape surrounding the Roccafiore Wine Chalet is a contemporary landscape, which contains shapes and images typical of the Green Heart of Italy. The gentle lines of the Martani Mountains on one side and the medieval skyline of Todi on the other, against which romantic sunsets stand out. The elongated plateaus are one of the constitutive features of this area, ideal for enjoying scenic roads and ensuring the free circulation of winds and gazes towards the horizon. Long rows of olive trees and vines stand out against the landscape surrounding the Chalet.

The vineyards here seem to have always been there.

In the countryside, silence is never silent

There is always the chirping of cicadas, the chirping of birds, the flutter of wings, the buzz of an insect, a lightning rustle in the grass, the sob of a drop of water. Yet there is no more beautiful silence.”

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